Phthalate free lotion

How the site started

Whether you have children, are pregnant or are concerned about your own health, there’s no escaping the mentions of phthalates in the news.

This site started as being all about the phthalates. Its aim is to draw together news, latest findings and research and analysis to give a summary of the effects on health of this group of chemicals. There is much speculation around about these chemicals and their potential toxicity. However, it seems important to avoid labelling all chemical as harmful and toxic, so that’s why we look more deeply into the research, rather than just presuming that ‘chemical-free’ or natural is better.

The next step

There is still much confusion and alarm surrounding other common ingredients of personal care products, such as parabens, sulfates etc etc. So we’re starting to add information on these substances too, to give a rounded knowledge source.

Finally, we’ve looked at reviews and found reliable, effective products that have been formulated without these ingredients, letting you easily avoid exposure to them.